Ladies Energisox

If you often find that your legs and feet begin to ache or feel uncomfortable after prolonged periods of standing or sitting, Energisox from HJ could be the just the thing to solve your problems. These socks utilise varying levels of compression to create a comfortable massaging effect. They could assist in improving circulation, therefore lessening swollen ankles. The result is that the feet feel fresh and revitalised for longer – wherever you are.

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  • Energisox™ - HJ797 Revitalising Compression Sock with Softop® - Cotton Rich


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The Energisox is suitable for everyday use, and particularly useful for when you are on the go and find yourself on your feet all day. These come with our patented non-elastic top – the Softop - an innovative design which allows for even more comfort and flexibility. They are available in four different colours, all available with our exclusive six month guarantee, so you can be sure that they are made to last.