ProTrek Socks

Our brand new, specialist ProTrek range has been designed to offer the very best in comfort, durability and moisture management. Ideal for those participating in a light hike, or embarking on a more challenging mountain climb or other outdoor pursuits.

The CottonTech and WoolTech fabrics are scientifically engineered using the latest technologies to ensure enhanced durability and long-lasting comfort.

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  • ProTrek™ - HJ700 Light Hike Socks

  • ProTrek™ - HJ701 Adventure Trek Socks

  • ProTrek™ - HJ702 Mountain Climb Socks

  • ProTrek™ - HJ703 Mountain Comfort Top Socks

  • ProTrek™ - HJ704 Dual Skin Anti-Blister Socks


5 Item(s)

Buy ONLINE today - ProTrek™ Socks - Outdoor, technical, high performance socks combine the best yarns & design to create socks that perform in the toughest of conditions. Free delivery - 6-month guarantee.