Extra-Wide Softop®

The Extra-wide Softop® ranges are popular with those who have swollen ankles or feet for whatever reason. The non-elastic top of the socks means they grip gently on the leg, without leaving marks. The extra-wide fit of these soft top socks gives an additional 10% on the width of our normal Softop® ranges.

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  • EXTRA WIDE Softop® - HJ190H Ladies Softop® Socks - Wool Rich

  • EXTRA WIDE Softop® - HJ191L Ladies' Cotton Rich Socks

  • Softop® Extra-Wide - HJ191L/3PK 3-Pair Multipack - Softop® Extra-Wide Cotton Rich - Navy - (UK 4-7)


3 Item(s)

HJ Socks' Extra-wide fit 'Soft Top' socks are popular with people looking for:

  • Socks for Swollen Ankles
  • Socks for Swollen Feet
  • Oedema - fluid retention socks (also known as Edema and Dropsy)
  • Socks for Feet/ankles that are larger than average