ProTrek Technical Walking Socks

After 130 years of making socks, and constantly being asked for good quality, high performance technical socks we decided that the time was right to use our knowledge and experience to develop a new range of ProTrek, our well proven technical collection. After much research, sampling, testing, reviewing and finalising we can now offer a comprehensive outdoor range of technical performance socks.

Best Materials, Best Design.

We began by sourcing the finest yarns – fibres like Merino Wool, Coolmax and Bamboo all established, designed and proven to give the very best in comfort, durability, and moisture management whilst still maintaining prices that represent excellent value. We then stretched our technical team and equipment to their very limits to make socks that have all the features that are important to those who take walking seriously.

Browse the full ProTrek RangeWe now have a range that is made of a high performance fibre and has impact protection, arch and ankle bracing/support, lace guards, flex zones and much more. All designed specifically with the wearers comfort in mind.

These socks are suited to various aspects and levels of outdoor activities and we are confident that these socks are the very best that you can buy and all come with our usual 6 month guarantee.

THis page provides a guide to the features and benefits you may be looking for across the ProTrek™ range (there is a glossary at the bottom of this page to explain any terms you are not sure of).


HRR (Heat Retention Rating) and Tri-Seal

HRR and Tri-Seal

Heat Retention Rating (HRR)

Our experience and research has identified that for performance socks the key features are Heat Retention and Moisture Dissipation. Each of the ProTrek range have now been tested have all have a rating showing how they perform at keeping in the body heat in ensuring that your feet remain nice and toasty regardless of the outdoor environment. The higher the rating the greater the heat retained. All of the ProTrek socks have different methods of removing moisture away from the feet.

Tri-Seal – include image of TriSeal Logo.

Is a unique treatment added at the final stages of the manufacturing process specifically designed for woollen socks being used in the outdoor environment. Whether tramping through wet grass, dodging puddles or trying to avoid the mud the Tri-Seal application ensure that your feet stay comfortable and that the ProTrek socks remain;

  • Water Repellent
  • Stain Resistant
  • Moisture Management


Glossary of Terms


Ankle Bracing Offering support to a prone problem area and keeps sock in place   Localized Terry Leg Localized loop pile for protection and added warmth
Arch Support Elasticated to keep the sock in place and adds arch support   Made in Britain ALL manufactured in Hinckley, Leicestershire
Bamboo Naturally antibacterial with wicking properties   Merino Wool Offers comfort, warmth and moisture management
Base Layer Designed to reduce abrasion by being worn beneath other ProTrek socks   Moisture Management Absorbs/wicks moisture away from the foot for improved hygiene & comfort
Comfort Toe Seam Smoother, non-irritating toe seams for all day comfort   Part Terry Foot Underfoot protected by loop pile to limit impact damage
Comfort Top Soft elasticated welt grip   Quick Drying Ideal when camping
Coolmax Wicks moisture away from the foot allowing it to keep cool and breathe   Softop® The ORIGINAL non-elastic sock
Durable Hard wearing   Stain Repellent Mud and dirt are not absorbed keeping socks cleaner
Flex Zone Prevents ruching effect at the forefront of the foot   Thermal Properties Heat is retained due to air pockets
Full Terry Leg & Foot Maximum thermal retention and cushioning from full loop pile   Thermo Regulation Keeps feet cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold
Fully Cushioned Foot Full loop pile encompasses the foot for shock protection with added warmth   True Sizing Span a maximum of 2½ shoe sizes giving accurate fitting for more comfort
High Heel Provides protection from footwear abrasion   Ventilated Foot Panels that allow the feet to breathe
Lace Guard Prevents chafing from the lace area of boots and shoes   Water Repellent External moisture is repelled and is not absorbed