Softop - Men's Socks

The Original Soft Top, Non-Elastic, Non-Marking, Gentle Grip Sock. Developed with both comfort and practicality in mind; the socks feature three relaxation panels towards the top which help to keep it up throughout the day.

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  • Contrast Stripe Wool Softop® - HJ971 Men's Wool Softop® Socks

  • Thermal Softop® - HJ95 Men's Wool Rich Softop

  • Softop® Introduction Pack - SOFTOP/3PK-6-11 3-Pair Multipack Softop® Introduction Pack - Cotton, Wool & Bamboo - (UK 6-11)

  • Softop® Wool - HJ90/3PK 3-Pair Multipack - Softop® Original Wool (6-11)

  • Contrast Stripe Wool Softop® - HJ971/3PK 3-Pair Multipack - Softop® Original Wool (6-11)

  • Thermal Softop® - HJ95/3PK 3-Pair Multipack - Thermal Softop® Wool Rich - (UK 6-11)

  • Argyle Softop® - HJ96/3PK-6-11 3-Pair Multipack - Argyle Wool Softop® Men's Socks

  • Softop® Wool - HJ90/7PK 7-Pair Multipack - Softop® Original Wool Rich - (6-11)

  • Softop® Original Wool - HJ90/10PK 10-Pair Multipack - Softop® Original WOOL Rich - (6-11)

  • Thermal Softop® - HJ95/7PK 7-Pair Multipack - Thermal Softop® Wool Rich - (UK 6-11)


10 Item(s)

Whether in the office, relaxing in the evening, going out at the weekend, or experiencing the great outdoors, the right men's socks can make a big difference to the way you look and feel. HJ Socks are the sock specialists, with men's socks for all occasions.

The HJ range features classically-designed products, as well as more contemporary styles for the modern man, including a variety of Softop® styles for those looking for socks with non-elastic tops. Available in a variety of shades, patterns and colours our men’s socks are perfect if you want to make a real impression with quality socks that will last.