Softop - Men's Socks

The Original Soft Top, Non-Elastic, Non-Marking, Gentle Grip Sock. Developed with both comfort and practicality in mind; the socks feature three relaxation panels towards the top which help to keep it up throughout the day.

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  • Softop® Stripe - HJ986 Men's Stripe Wool Softop® Socks

  • Houndstooth Softop® - HJ988 Men's Wool Softop® Socks

  • Cotton Softop® - HJ931 Men's Herringbone Cotton Rich Socks

  • Softop® Herringbone - HJ931/3PK 3-Pair Multipack - Softop® Herringbone COTTON Rich - (6-11)

  • Softop® Stripe - HJ986 3-Pairs - Men's Stripe Wool Softop® Socks - (6-11)

  • Softop® Stripe - HJ986 7-Pairs - Men's Stripe Wool Softop® Socks - (6-11)

  • Argyle Softop® - HJ88 Men's Wool Softop® Socks

  • Softop® Argyle - HJ88/3PK 3-Pair Multipack - Softop® Argyle WOOL Rich - (6-11)

  • Argyle Softop® - HJ89 Men's Cotton Softop® Socks - Argyle Cotton Rich

  • Softop® Argyle - HJ89/3PK 3-Pair Multipack - Softop® Argyle COTTON Rich - (6-11)

  • Stripe Cotton Softop® - HJ940 Men's Stripe Cotton Rich Softop


11 Item(s)

Whether in the office, relaxing in the evening, going out at the weekend, or experiencing the great outdoors, the right men's socks can make a big difference to the way you look and feel. HJ Socks are the sock specialists, with men's socks for all occasions.

The HJ range features classically-designed products, as well as more contemporary styles for the modern man, including a variety of Softop® styles for those looking for socks with non-elastic tops. Available in a variety of shades, patterns and colours our men’s socks are perfect if you want to make a real impression with quality socks that will last.