Comfort Top - Women's Socks

Comfort top socks are designed to spread the elasticity, which hold the sock up, over a larger area, reducing the pressure and making the sock more comfortable to wear.

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  • Diabetic Cotton - HJ1351L/3PK 3-Pair Multipack - Diabetic Cotton Ladies Socks

  • ProTrek™ Mountain - HJ703/3PK 3-Pair Multipack - ProTrek™ Mountain Comfort Top - (UK 4-7)

  • Cotton Garden Sock - HJ607L/3PK-4-7 3-Pair Multipack - Cotton Garden Sock

  • Cashmere Blend - HJ501/3PK 3-Pair Multipack - Cashmere Blend Women's Lounge Socks - (UK 4-7)

  • Comfort Top Work Socks - HJ10L Women's Comfort Top Work Socks (3 Pair Pack)

  • Daisy Cotton Comfort Top - HJ530/3PK 3-Pair Multipack - Daisy Cotton Comfort Top Women's Socks

  • Floral Cotton Comfort Top - HJ531/3PK 3-Pair Multipack - Floral Cotton Comfort Top Women's Socks

  • Woodland Cotton Comfort Top - HJ540/3PK 3-Pair Multipack - Woodland Cotton Comfort Top Women's Socks


8 Item(s)

At HJ Hall we have a stunning and superior collection of ladies' socks which combine fashion and practicality to give you everything you need when it comes to women's socks. We have socks to suit all purposes and all lifestyles including cotton socks, diabetic socks, technical walking socks, thermal socks, outdoor socks and more. We supply socks with a wide variety of special features to ensure your feet are always warm, protected and stylish whether you are at home, at work or out in the garden - and all of our products can be purchased safely and securely online.