Comfort should never be compromised in the fashion and clothing world, which is why we have developed our most comfortable and cushioned sock collection. Since 1882, we have been the leading specialist sock maker, designing and manufacturing stylish, comfortable and affordable socks for a variety of uses.

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  • Boot Sock - HJ212 Ladies' Boot Sock - Cotton Rich


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Our cushioned socks utilise extra padding across pressure points to create a soft and comfortable that is non-restrictive and protective. Whether you have sensitive feet or simply desire a sock that offers unmatched comfort, our selection is one that you can trust.

Available in a range of styles, colour and designs, our range of padded socks are also designed for specific purposes. Should you require medical socks, outdoor and walking styles or long-lasting and hard wearing socks, be sure to view our selection for the best of the best.

Our experts are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our selections. So treat your feet and look after them with our complete range of cushioned and padded socks.