Health Socks

HJ offer practical socks for protection and comfort whilst helping prevent common problems such as blisters, swollen ankles and feet, and DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

After being subject to wear tests we are proud to be accredited by the Institute of Podiatrists on all of our Softop™ and Diabetic socks. All socks in the HJ Health Sock Range are covered by an unconditional 6 month guarantee.

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  • Flysafe™ - HJ787 Cotton Rich Men's Socks

  • Flysafe™ - HJ777 Cotton Rich Socks

  • Energisox™ - HJ797 Revitalising Compression Sock with Softop® - Cotton Rich


3 Item(s)

Endorsed by The Institute of PodiatristsSoftop® and Diabetic Socks - Endorsed by the Institute of Podiatrists

You can be confident that these socks do the job, not only do they come with an unconditional 6 month guarantee they are also accredited by the Institute of Podiatrists.