November 11, 2013

Missing Socks Hiding Spots Revealed

The elusive question that haunts us all... Why do we end up with so many missing socks and where do they go?

The secret trapdoor in the washing machine may seem the most likely answer but according to a new survey the average couple are proving 'a right pair' when it comes to hunting down those missing socks.

If you have always wondered what happened to that single lost sock, separated from its other half somewhere on its journey between wash basket and sock drawer we have some suggestions and can reveal the top five hiding places.

In a sock-shock finding it appears that the underwear drawer of your nearest and dearest is the first place to look when searching out that elusive combo.

Missing Socks

Everyone can identify with the sock hunt, most annoyingly on a Monday morning when you’re already late for work. While theories often revolve around some mysterious black hole lingering in the washing machine, the biggest culprit of all appears to be your ‘other half’. In a third of all cases, rogue socks were found in the woman's underwear drawer.

It seems the washing machine is the least likely to be at fault as the survey of customers found hiding places included sports bags and suitcases, behind radiators, under beds and buried by the dog!

The bottom of the laundry basket was also highlighted as a regular hiding place, while people were also often guilty of tucking them in shoes which were then stored in a cupboard or under the stairs and not worn for months on end.

Director of HJ Socks Anton Jenkins said: "In the days when black socks ruled the roost it didn't matter so much, but since bright and patterned socks became more popular losing one of the socks is as good as losing the pair, unless you are brave enough to go for odd socks, which is certainly more acceptable these days. "

“Despite it seeming like they just randomly disappear they actually are quite easy to find. No-one wants to lose one half to a favourite pair. The best advice is not to throw away the remaining sock but put it one side – no matter where they are hiding we have found that eventually they turn up."

Top five hiding places:

Partner's underwear drawer
Under the bed
Behind a radiator
Sports bag/suitcase
Buried by your beloved dog

Dog with missing socks